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  • Autocad 2014 Compatibility
  • 64-bit Autocad Support

Mechanical Power Tools is a tooling add-on software package which includes a parametric parts library of nuts, bolts, holes, fasteners, etc., along with datum dimensioning, hole charting, block management, mechanical utilities, plot stamping, and more.

  • Efficient, easy to use dialog interface makes setup and creation of fasteners a snap.
  • Parametric generation of all nuts, bolts, fasteners, holes, and shapes.
  • Create and maintain multiple layer schemes for different customers.
  • Includes Block Manager, our powerful organizational tool.
  • Includes complete parametric AISC structural steel shapes.
  • Mating Piece Option automatically calculates the correct thread engagement.
  • Power Edit allows you to change any feature parametrically.
  • Power Swap allows you to change your fasteners to any hole type.
  • Includes Hole Charting, Datum Dimensioning, and much, much more!

New Features in Version 4!

  • Machine Screws, Sheet Metal Screws.
  • Phillips or Spline sockets for some fasteners.
  • Low Head Socket Head Cap Screws.
  • T-Head Bolts, Hex Flange Nuts.
  • New sizes with nuts and washers.
  • New Detail Enlargement Feature.
  • Tapped Holes and Tap Extensions now include an option for Flat Bottoms.
  • Attach Option in Washers and Nuts allows you to easily insert a Nut or Washer on an existing fastener.
  • Revised and greatly improved Hole Charter.
  • See the Version History for more detailed info.

Note: The download is a fully functional demonstration of MPT 4, but it only works for 60 minutes per session. Once you register, you will receive a code that will unlock the product and give you the full version.

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Mechanical Power Tools 4 works with 32 bit and 64 bit AutoCAD.