MPT and MPT Lite now available for AutoCAD 2015/2016. Please call us at (877) 741-2175 or email us at if you are interested in purchasing or upgrading.

Plotting and Plot Cost Recovery

Looking for tools to track your plotting costs or to batch process your plot files? Then CAD fx has your solutions!

RePlot allows you to batch print your plot files to virtually any printer or any scale. Handles PDF, DWF, HPGL/2, and TIFF files.

General Utilities

CAD fx has a range of utilities to make you more productive...

Batch Script Processor:
Run your scripts on hundreds or thousands of AutoCAD drawings!

Balloon fx:
A simple, but powerful program for inserting balloons into drawings.

Custom Services

CAD fx offers a wide variety of powerful products to make your CAD users more productive and accurate. But, there are always times that, no matter how hard you search, there are just no tools to address your needs. For these situations, CAD fx can provide the expertise needed to make your life easier.

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Mechanical Parametric Programs

Check out our 2D Parametric Tooling programs...

Mechanical Power Tools:
Generate holes, fasteners, washers, nuts, steel shapes and much more...

Mechanical Power Tools Lite:
Many of the great features of the full version for a nice price.